Video Will

Filming your will not only enables you to explain directly how you intend to divide your estate, but also gives you the chance to relay a personal message to your loved ones. How comforting would it be to hear those words coming directly from you?

Additionally, in your own words, you can explain the reasoning behind the decisions you’ve made clearly and coherently and avoid any confusion or disputes—something that may not be possible from the reading of a document alone.

Furthermore, a video will holds up in court to prove mental competency should a disagreement arise about the execution of your estate.

In addition to professionally lighting, filming, and capturing audio, I’ll take the utmost care in storing your video so that it may be accessed at any time, so you’ll never have to worry.

A video will is a great way to leave a final word to tell your friends and family how you really feel and can be a memento to those you care about.

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